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Wanna be Hannah Montana?

Sibéal who is 6 years old is a huge Hannah Montana fan so she was over the moon when Santy brought her Hannah’s Stage show guitar, mic and amplifier for Christmas. This 31in guitar has 6 real steel guitar strings and comes complete with a powerful stage amplifier, a sing along microphone, a hands free [...]

Kidizoom camera makes Síofra a very happy little girl

Síofra was over the moon to receive this cool digital camera as a Christmas pressie from Uncle Brían. She’s only 3 years old but really loves it and gets great use and play out of it. Noone is safe from being photographed in the house now. She’s a one girl paparazzi. She has had no [...]

Porcelain Painting Present

Sibéal received this 8 piece painting set from Auntie Orla for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed completing it. It is a simple kit that contains 3 bowls, 2 candle sticks and 3 vases, all unpainted. 12 mini pots of paint and 2 paint brushes are also included and are then used to apply whatever designs you [...]

Sidewalk Artists?

I spotted this box of chalk a few weeks before Christmas whilst toy shopping in Smyths. My children love it. They’ve gotten hours of fun out of drawing on the driveway and footpaths outside the house. From huge monstrous pictures to pictures of each other and treasure maps. Top value at €4.99 for the box [...]

Cupcake calamity

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Sibéal spotted an ad on tv for Girl Gourmet Cupcake maker and was instantly hooked. It was top of her list and no amount of persuasion was going to shift it. Santy duly obliged, it arrived and she was delighted.  With all the festivities and travel, it was a [...]

Sand castles galore

I purchased this sand and water table in smyths toystore at the beginning of the summer in an effort to entertain the younger kids in the back garden. Its been a big hit with them since, throughout the summer and now into the autumn, whenever the rain abates. As can be seen, its a great [...]

Order in the house

As previously mentioned our kids love LEGO and therefore bits of it are everywhere throughout the house.  I had just used an ordinary plastic bin to store it all in and this was continually upended in order to find the “exact correct necessary” LEGO block when creating the latest masterpiece. My back isn’t what it [...]

Lego, lego everywhere

Santy brought Oscar LEGO Agents Mission 6 for Christmas. He  really enjoyed it whilst he was constructing it. It was fairly intricate, plenty of separate vehicles, hidden compartments, moving parts and a few gadgets to keep him happy. It only took him a couple of days to complete though, which is my complaint with the [...]

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

On Saturday myself and Fionn took ourselves off from the mayhem and into town for a couple of hours to pick up a few last minute items needed before we head on holidays this weekend.  He was in great form, we had our cafe stop which he relished, but as the time passed he got [...]

Review of RollyToys Claas Tractor with trailer and loader

RollyToys Claas Tractor with trailer and loader “Big and beautiful, the tractor with trailer and loader that the 2 year old loves. “   Santy brought this for the 2 year old a few weeks ago. So far so good. It was a bit of a pain to put together on Christmas morning, a smidge [...]

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