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Order in the house

Posted on | March 27, 2009 | 1 Comment

As previously mentioned our kids love LEGO and therefore bits of it are everywhere throughout the house.  I had just used an ordinary plastic bin to store it all in and this was continually upended in order to find the “exact correct necessary” LEGO block when creating the latest masterpiece.

My back isn’t what it used to be and I was getting a smidge sick of bending down to pick up all the blocks so I was delighted when I discovered this box4blox for sale online.

Its a very simple but clever idea. Each coloured tray has a  grid which allows the smaller LEGO blocks pass through. Each tray’s grid is a different size. As a result of this filtering, the larger lego pieces remain in the top yellow layer, the next sized ones in the blue tray, the next ones in the red tray and the smallest ones are filtered to the bottom green tray.

Like so:

The video here shows it in action. The kids love it. Its much easier to see and get at the lego they want, the lego is distributed out so there’s less squabbling over getting to it. All the lego is now in one place. The slot in the lid means its easy to drop in any stray blocks I come across.

The dimensions of a tray are 10 inches * 10 inches * 2.5 inches, so each tray holds a fair volume of LEGO. Though if over filled, the filtering down of the smaller blocks becomes less successful and alot more shaking of the overall container is required. At times the odd long, narrow blocks can become stuck but this is a very minor quibble.

Overall we are very happy with this container. It costs approximately $30 but unfortunately the shipping to Ireland is that cost again, so overall it cost me approx. €45. This is expensive so hopefully someone will decide to stock/sell them in Ireland soon to avoid this shipping charge.

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One Response to “Order in the house”

  1. Grannymar
    March 27th, 2009 @ 7:51 pm

    Things have come a long way from keeping Lego in a biscuit tin.

    That bx is cool!

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