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Double Trouble

Via Springwise, this twin baby clothing website, Tot-a-Lot, got me all broody this morning. Designed for babies and toddlers, these clothes are very cute.  Normally I’m not a fan of dressing children identically, although my daughters sometimes ask to have the same outfits despite being 3 years apart in age. These clothes are to be [...]

Cosy Toasty School Coat

Sibéal seems to be growing in leaps and bounds these days so when I thought her winter coat from last year would be fine, I was mistaken. It was too small so with the weather getting wintery and rainy, I needed to purchase a replacement ASAP. I had previously purchased online from the Puddleducks website [...]

Mango Outlet

I recently discovered this website by way of a link from the main Mango site. Its basically a discount site that has garments from previous seasons available for sale at greatly reduced rates. It suits me down to the ground as I’m not really a fashionista preferring to stick to shapes and colours that I [...]

Review of Ballerina in a box by Danskin

Ballerina in a box by Danskin “The best Christmas pressie evah for our budding ballerina! “   This present was the highlight of the Christmas for our 4 year old daughter, who insisted on wearing it all Christmas day and then again and again as soon as it was cleaned. The “Ballerina in a box” consists [...]

Review of Easy to use clothing website with quick delivery times to Ireland at cost of stg£7.95. I came across this website a week or so ago. I had been in the Coast section of Brown Thomas in Cork, looking for something a bit different and special to wear for the upcoming anniversay. I had seen a [...]

Review of Easy to use, free delivery if certain amount spent, online version of highstreet’s MANGO clothes outlet. I had gone clothes shopping a couple of weeks ago as managed to wangle a girls’ morning, the boys were off playing soccer and hanging out with their cousins. So myself, the baby and the 3 year old headed into [...]