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Superb SuperSea Summer Camp

Oscar has just completed this summer camp and is raving about how good it was and how much he enjoyed it. It took place on Garrettstown beach. We were fortunate that the weather was relatively good this week and there were some waves. All equipment was supplied by the surf school. The children were kitted [...]

Decisions, decisions.

photo credit: emdot An email from Dermot Nolan MW the other day prompted me to have another look at the WSET Diploma course to see whether or not I wanted to apply to do it. I really enjoyed completing the WSET advanced course and my wine knowledge increased immensely. But the diploma course is a [...]

But how can they teach me to run faster? *

The beginning of the school summer holidays saw my middle three children eager to do something energetic. Some of their pals were doing the Bandon Athletic Club Summer Camp so that’s the activity they selected. It was held in the Bandon Grammar school grounds which was great as in addition to outdoor running track and [...]

Super Sugru Scissors Repair

This is a guest post from Oscar, our 11 year old son. He eagerly awaited the arrival of Sugru in our house as he had seen the demos on its website. He repaired a broken scissors handle with the wonder material. Now nothing is safe Take it away Osc: Today I did an experiment with [...]

Quality not quantity

A couple or so weeks ago, I was delighted to be invited by Kate in Fleishman-Hillard to visit the Pampers Innovation Centre in Schwalbach, Germany. The visit piqued the interest of both the mammy and engineer in me. I love seeing innovation and how things are made. As a mammy to 5 darlings I’ve definitely [...]

Drowning doesn’t look like drowning

Via Magicmum. photo credit: Tomorrow Never Knows I came across this blogpost. A must read for all parents and anyone who loves the beach, lake or pool. A few points that really struck home with me: Except in rare circumstances, drowning people are physiologically unable to call out for help. Drowning people cannot wave for [...]