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Moshi Monsters

This is the latest virtual world, aimed at kids where they have their own monster and can interact with the other monsters. The usual routine applies. Money or “Rox” are earned by playing games and the Rox can then be spent in buying accessories for the monster’s room etc. You look after your monster, naming [...]

Review of

Last week I got to the stage where I had to buy new frying pans, the ones we had were totally worn, everything was sticking to them and it was driving me nuts. The thought of heading to a department store with kids and searching for suitable replacements didn’t fill me with joy so once [...]

Review of “Straightforward and easy to navigate website which delivered various party goods very efficiently.“ Our darling son was 6 years old last week and decided he wanted most of his class to come to his birthday party. Children’s parties during the winter months are usually alot more hassle than those in the summer when you [...]

Review of Great quality and range of children’s clothes from babies to aged 10 years. I really liked the gymboree range of clothes for kids when the shops were open here and was disappointed when they closed. Thankfully I discovered the american based website This has the added bonus of pricing in dollars as at [...]

Review of Great online bookstore with free delivery, editor’s blog and twitter updates. I love it! I came across this website many months ago and have used it frequently since. I had gotten annoyed with’s gouging shipping charges and so had gone in search of an alternative. The site is really easy to use, has [...]

Review of Webkinz

Webkinz Latest kids’ favourite cuddly toys and very popular accompanying virtual world. Last week saw a visit to West Cork of the American “fake cousins” as our children called them. AKA our good friends, the Pierces and their 3 kids. We don’t see Eoin, Jill, Kian, Aine and Rianna that often anymore due to both [...]

Review of Aer Lingus Online Booking

Aer Lingus Online Booking Arrgggh, site won’t allow for booking tickets for families of more than 6 at once. Stupid rules annoy and frustrate me. These days, I don’t think families of over 6 people are that strange or occur that infrequently. Yet, as we are a family of 7,  when I try to book [...]

Bloody addictive stupid games

Arrggh, what is it about Desktop TD , before it Snood, and before it Tetris? I have absolutely no interest nor talent at playing shoot ‘em up, racing, roleplay or any other video games but these 2 or even worse bejeweled I can play for hours. Take them off me, delete the links, save me!

Review of Easy to use website which delivered my personalised notecards quickly. I used this recently to purchase personalised thank-you cards. The notecards are supplied in packs of 8 and can be customised. I selected the photo I wanted on the cover and uploaded it. Then defined the writing I wanted on the front of the [...]