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Happy Birthday

Today is my mam’s birthday. I love this photo of her. Taken 35 odd years ago, when I guess I was nearly 6 and she was almost 28. I am the eldest of 7 kids and there’s only 10 years between myself and my youngest brother. Needless to say, it was always loud and busy [...]

This weekend I shall be mostly

doing a Thelma and Louise and heading off sans childer to Dublin to see this bloke: and then to Cavan meeting my 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 3 nieces and my Mam to remember my Dad on the 5th anniversary of his passing away. Enjoy your weekends.

Singing in the car

photo credit: Stephen Witherden I’ve never been partial to singing in the bath or shower, but I LOVE to sing whilst driving the car. I’m sure it drives the kids bananas most of the time. Though they have come around to my way of thinking and even the 2 year old shouts for “Together Mammy” [...]


Yep, another New Year’s Resolution, to get my lardy arse once more running. Its been a while, but so far so good: baby steps, baby steps. Have started on the treadmill again which was probably one of the best purchases I ever made. Yep, it was expensive but it avoids me heading out on my [...]

Things that remind me of my Da

Prawn cocktail or more specifically Marie Rose sauce: he had perfected his own version which was served on Christmas day and whenever else he felt like it and it was the business. Long walks. Clunt: his favourite derisory term. “He’s a wrong one”: his second favourite derisory statement. “It’s in the sand”. Being busy and [...]