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Holidays in Bandon

So the summer has flown and this week is a frenzy of finishing up work, packing and getting ready for our hols. We’re leaving Bandon for Espana for a couple of weeks. Whilst we’re gone, my brother, his wife and their three fabulous daughters shall be using our gaff as a base for their West [...]

Brilliant Boostapak

I love great design that solves a problem. This Boostapak, made by the same people who brought us Trunki, seems to tick both these boxes. As a parent of 5 kids that has travelled by air abroad on holidays, I have had to deal with the expense and hassle on arrival of hiring extra booster [...]

Where would you go?

Paul’s mention of of wine tours in his blogpost and Ryanair commencing direct flights from Cork to Bordeaux recently got me thinking.  Which wine regions are on my wishlist to visit and tour? photo credit: mescon Gaining an interest in wine mainly in my 30s which coincided with my pregnancy, infant and young children years, [...]

Holiday fun 2009

We’re just back from a couple of weeks staying in a mobile home in this campsite in South West France. First thing to say is that its a big campsite.  Therefore has plenty of actiivities, facilities and entertainment onsite. The swimming pool area was the highlight for us all. Excellent assortment of pools with depths [...]

The hols

So we’re back from the first official proper 2 week family holiday evah. It was fabulous despite the initial mistake we made of presuming the 7 of us would get some decent sleep together in one cabin on Cork-Roscoff ferry. No hope! Despite this we landed in France all excited at 7am on a Sunday [...]

Wexbird here we come

photo credit: jwalsh So the bags are nearly all packed, car’s getting loaded up and we’re off on our annual trip to Wexbird as the kids call it. The extended August bank holiday weekend is meetup time for Conor’s clann: his sisters, their kids and his parents. Its good fun and the kids in particular [...]

This weekend, I shall be mostly….

Snowboarding (hopefully), though more probably I shall be sitting alot on my ass in the snow, as I struggle to try to snowboard. Either way, its a break from the norm and I can’t wait. Ischgl here I come.


I’ve only been snowboarding once. It should have been 2 days on the piste but after all the falls, bumps and bangs of the first day, I had to just chill out on the second. My body ached but it felt good. Muscles I had never used before sore. I have never been a person [...]