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Welcome to the Aquadome

A couple of Sundays ago, we awoke to a rainy dull day in Bandon. So myself and 3 of the kids decided to hit the road to Tralee. We had been meaning to try out its Aquadome for ages so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. To make a long story short, [...]

Galway bay half marathon

After the hills of Dingle, we decided our next run would be somewhere flat. A google search later, we settled on Galway bay’s “fast, flat, fun and very scenic” half marathon on October 2nd. I was looking forward to this run as I thought I’d find it much easier than Dingle. However, despite completing it [...]

Super Sugru Scissors Repair

This is a guest post from Oscar, our 11 year old son. He eagerly awaited the arrival of Sugru in our house as he had seen the demos on its website. He repaired a broken scissors handle with the wonder material. Now nothing is safe Take it away Osc: Today I did an experiment with [...]

We Come In Pieces

As Oisín and Sibéal have quite a few friends with upcoming birthdays, I was stocking up on birthday cards in Marks and Spencers when I spotted this one the other day. Being a major Lego fan, Oisín loves it, particularly the line “We Come In Pieces”. He wants to send it to all his pals. [...]

Wanna be Hannah Montana?

Sibéal who is 6 years old is a huge Hannah Montana fan so she was over the moon when Santy brought her Hannah’s Stage show guitar, mic and amplifier for Christmas. This 31in guitar has 6 real steel guitar strings and comes complete with a powerful stage amplifier, a sing along microphone, a hands free [...]

Super Skateboarding Shop

photo credit: Manu – mars Myself and Oscar headed into Cork this morning on the advice of his mate Cian. Both the boys are hugely into skateboarding at the moment and its fabulous to see such enthusiasm. The purpose of this visit to Tubes on Cook Street was to purchase new trucks for Oscar’s skateboard. [...]

Phonic Fun

My younger kids love this range of Usborne books. The characters and stories are straightforward and fun. Each books deals predominately with one character whether Big Pig or Fat Cat and more. Though often characters from the other books in the series make a guest appearance. The text is extremely simple and the kids love [...]

Riveting read

We’re just back from a few highly enjoyable days spent up north with my mother. Whilst there, it was almost impossible to tear Oscar away from this book. Its the first time in ages that he has been so engrossed in a novel. Fourteen years ago, scientist William Fox implanted four babies with the Medusa [...]

Kidizoom camera makes Síofra a very happy little girl

Síofra was over the moon to receive this cool digital camera as a Christmas pressie from Uncle Brían. She’s only 3 years old but really loves it and gets great use and play out of it. Noone is safe from being photographed in the house now. She’s a one girl paparazzi. She has had no [...]

Outstanding Organ Donation Documentary

This is by far the best television documentary series that I’ve seen in ages. It follows 14 different people from the 600 or so who are awaiting organ transplants in Ireland. In the first episode a lady awaiting and eventually receiving a heart transplant, a spouse to spouse kidney transplant, a young man awaiting his [...]

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