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Brilliant Boostapak

I love great design that solves a problem. This Boostapak, made by the same people who brought us Trunki, seems to tick both these boxes. As a parent of 5 kids that has travelled by air abroad on holidays, I have had to deal with the expense and hassle on arrival of hiring extra booster [...]

Where would you go?

Paul’s mention of of wine tours in his blogpost and Ryanair commencing direct flights from Cork to Bordeaux recently got me thinking.  Which wine regions are on my wishlist to visit and tour? photo credit: mescon Gaining an interest in wine mainly in my 30s which coincided with my pregnancy, infant and young children years, [...]

Travel around the US in a black cab with Stephen Fry?

Unfortunately I missed the first episode of this new series but caught the second one and I’m loving it. Its premise that Stephen travels by London black cab through 50 states may seem basic but it captures so well an “off the tourist trail” America. His fondess for the country and the people is apparent [...]

Review of Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure TV series

Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure TV series “Informative and highly entertaining TV series about Californian wine. Excellent.“   I’ve just finished watching another episode of this great series. It follows on from last year’s foray into France for Oz and James. James, being a wine novice and usual presenter of BBC’s Top Gear and [...]

Review of Hoxton Hotel

Hoxton Hotel,81 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3HU, UK Great, clean, modern, good value hotel if you’re a single person travelling on business in London, not so perfect if you’re a couple on a tourist trip. I love the idea of this hotel. Relaxed atmosphere, modern, basic facilities, charged by room rate rather than number [...]

Review of Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service

Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service Trains every hour and a speedy journey make this the most relaxing way to travel intercity. My three options for travelling from Cork to Dublin return are by car, by plane or by train. The car option is obviously the most flexible, I can suit myself but its [...]

Review of Aer Lingus Online Booking

Aer Lingus Online Booking Arrgggh, site won’t allow for booking tickets for families of more than 6 at once. Stupid rules annoy and frustrate me. These days, I don’t think families of over 6 people are that strange or occur that infrequently. Yet, as we are a family of 7,  when I try to book [...]