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Rain Rain

Go away, come again another day. What to do for the summer holidays with 5 young kids and horrible cold rainy weather? Its gonna be a long one unless the sun comes out and we can hit the beach!

Review of Heroes TV series

Heroes TV series Am lovin’ this sci-fi series, despite having my “hide behind a cushion” moments. I started watching this series on channel 6 a couple of months ago. I’m definitely not a horror/gore fan but I do like sci-fi films and series every now and then. This has held my interest and I’m looking [...]

Review of I am David by Anne Holm

I am David by Anne Holm Thought provoking book for early teens, older children and adults. I first read this book over 20 years ago as a young adolescent and it had a deep impact on me. When I spotted it recently in my local library I decided to re-read it. Its the story of David, a [...]

Review of Bosch Exxcel Dishwasher SGS46E02re

Bosch Exxcel Dishwasher SGS46E02 Quiet dishwasher which does a great job of cleaning and drying. After just 2 years, the door on the old, piece of crap Hotpoint dishwasher broke. That appliance had been useless from day one with any particle of food blocking it and inhibiting its washing cycle so it was with joy [...]

Review of Babypotz

Babypotz Handy plastic pots with lids in various sizes, great for storing and freezing babyfood. We’ve hit the weaning stage again in our house as the youngest is now 7 months old and so it’s pureé time! I initially had used ice cube trays for freezing homemade baby food, but that’s just messy and a pain in [...]

Review of Bob the Builder Sound around Tri Scooter

Bob the Builder Sound around Tri Scooter The favourite toy of our almost 2 year old son I bought this scooter a couple of months ago as our son was getting frustrated watching his older brothers and sister whizzing up and down the road on their bikes and scooters. It took him no time to [...]

Review of Easy to use website which delivered my personalised notecards quickly. I used this recently to purchase personalised thank-you cards. The notecards are supplied in packs of 8 and can be customised. I selected the photo I wanted on the cover and uploaded it. Then defined the writing I wanted on the front of the [...]

Review of Taste of Dublin 2007

Taste of Dublin 2007 Good food but overcrowded and slightly overpriced. My sister had been at this festival last year on a Friday afternoon and had had a really enjoyable few hours so this year, she invited me along and I was really looking forward to a fun and tasty Saturday night in Dublin. Off [...]

Awesome Arrival of new cousin Abigail

Abigail aka Abi finally arrived on the 14th of June. Huge congrats to Kieran and Louise and to big sista Chloe.

Review of Easy Set Pool and Cover

Easy Set Pool and Cover Bad buy as you really need a totally flat and smooth surface to put pool on. Its that time of the year again and the paddling pools are being brought out into back gardens. Last year I bought a 10ft easy set pool and cover for round about the €100 [...]

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