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Feet Saviour

I first spotted these on the Dragons’ Den TV programme a year or so ago. Unfortunately the Dragons didn’t think the idea was a good one but I thought it was excellent. So many times in my yoof after a night out, I’d ended up walking home in bare feet when unable to catch a [...]

Masterchef Finale

This is the Masterchef I want to see. Forget the amateurs and the celebrities, I don’t want to see mediocre cheffing, I want to see professionals who have passion for food, talent for cooking and can inspire me. This short series came to a close last night with Derek from Scotland the deserved winner. From [...]

What’s not to like?

Via Blair and Conor, I’m loving this website. Mixes as many cowbells  and as much Christopher Walken dialogue as you desire to the mp3 of your choice. I went with Kate Bush’s Experiment IV and I’m liking the result. Whatcha think? Make your own at

The hols

So we’re back from the first official proper 2 week family holiday evah. It was fabulous despite the initial mistake we made of presuming the 7 of us would get some decent sleep together in one cabin on Cork-Roscoff ferry. No hope! Despite this we landed in France all excited at 7am on a Sunday [...]