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Review of Johnson’s Junior Detangler Conditioning Spray for Children’s hair

Johnson’s Junior Detangler Conditioning Spray for Children’s hair Conditioning spray that works miracles on my daughter’s hair and so has ended the tears at hair brushing time. Our 3 year old daughter hated having her hair brushed after bathtime and in the mornings so much that,  a couple of months ago, she snuck off to [...]

Review of Mega Bloks Race ‘n Go Rig

Mega Bloks Race ‘n Go Rig Brilliant, robust, adaptable toy for a car mad 2 year old. This is the 2 year old’s favourite and most played with toy since he received it for his birthday 3 weeks ago. The Mega Bloks are a fabulous introduction to getting kids started at building things. Lego for [...]

Review of Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland Yesterday the weather looked good so we decided to head to Fota Wildlife Park for a family day out. I had been there last year with the 4 kids whilst pregnant and we’d had a very enjoyable day so we were all looking forward to it. Although it opens at [...]

Review of Transformers movie

Transformers movie If you like the citroen dancing car ad, you’ll love this. This movie was worth going to for me just for the special effects. I love the transformation of the various cars, tanks, helicoptors even CD players into machines. The movie translated well from its cartoon beginning in the 90s to this cinema [...]

Review of Project Runway TV Series on Sky One

Project Runway TV Series on Sky One Very enjoyable fashion designer talent elimination TV show. This series is approaching its season 2 finale and its been very entertaining so far. Sixteen designers all competing to win. Each week, they complete a design task and the weakest resulting designer is eliminated. Some of the tasks have been very [...]

Review of Salter Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales 1004

Salter Electronic Kitchen Weighing Scales 1004 Sleek, easy to clean, very handy kitchen weighing scales. I love this weighing scale. It is small, thin, unobtrusive in the kitchen. It has a “zeroing” facility which makes baking really easy. Put the bowl on the scales, zero the reading, add your flour, zero the reading, add the [...]

My baby has gotten her first tooth

Last week was brutal, the baby was sick for the first time. She had a cold, nothing too major and yet it had a huge impact on her world. Cold virus = runny/stuffed nose = can’t drink bottle or swallow properly = hungry but vomiting and coughing = not alot of sleep = red, sore eyes. [...]

Review of East of Boston’s “Chocolate Bliss”

East of Boston’s “Chocolate Bliss” Yummy, lip smacking, chocolate sauce. After reading Kieran’s post on a new gourmet shop in Cork, we headed over to check it out a couple of weeks ago. One of the purchases made was East of Boston’s “chocolate bliss” sauce. I must confess to being a smidge partial to ice-cream [...]

Review of Grobags

Grobags Super sleepwear for babies from 7lbs till they’re 3+ years old. I first bought one of these grobags for our eldest son 8 years ago. Since then they have been used for all the kids. I have found them excellent. They are basically a sleeping bag that your child wears in bed. They are attached [...]

Review of The Very Best of The Smiths

The Very Best of The Smiths It doesn’t get much better than this. Having bought, played, lost and rediscovered plenty of Smiths’ CDs over the past many years, I spotted this CD for sale in Goldendiscs for €7 last week. Have been listening to it since. Its fabulous- a great collection of 23 favourite Smiths’ songs [...]

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