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Review of Grobags

Posted on | July 15, 2007 | No Comments


Super sleepwear for babies from 7lbs till they’re 3+ years old.

I first bought one of these grobags for our eldest son 8 years ago. Since then they have been used for all the kids. I have found them excellent. They are basically a sleeping bag that your child wears in bed. They are attached for younger babies using poppers at the shoulder and a zip at the side. For older children there is just a zip up the front of them.

They are made from cotton and resemble an all in one duvet. Easily machine washable and can be tumble dried. They are brilliant as their use means that no additional blankets or bedclothes are needed and thus avoid the baby or child kicking off bedclothes in the middle of the night and being woken from the cold.

They come in summer and winter togs, though with the Irish climate I have found no need to buy the summer variety and have just varied the vest/babygro/PJs that the baby/child wears underneath them.

Our children tended to grow out of them aged 2 or 3 when they started to unzip them themselves. But they do come in sizes up to 6 years. They come in a huge range of colours and patterns. I ordered mine from but have seen them for sale in many local babyshops or Adams.

They are fab and I’d recommend them to anyone with babies and young children.

Rated 5/5 on Jul 15 2007 by ManicMammy
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