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Review of Bear Grylls: Born Survivor

This is the second series of the Bear Grylls survival guide but the Sahara, Part 2 was the first episode I’ve managed to catch. It began with Bear being dropped from a low flying helicopter in the desert, continued with his meeting a Berber tribe and many tips of what to do should you find [...]

This weekend I shall be mostly

doing a Thelma and Louise and heading off sans childer to Dublin to see this bloke: and then to Cavan meeting my 3 brothers, 3 sisters, 3 nieces and my Mam to remember my Dad on the 5th anniversary of his passing away. Enjoy your weekends.

Review of Celebrity Apprentice USA

We’re now halfway through this series and I’m really enjoying it. I’m a fan of the normal Apprentice series, both the American version with Donald Trump and the British version with Sir Alan Sugar. This is the seventh series of the US version and the contestants are all celebrities. To be honest, I hadn’t heard [...]

Singing in the car

photo credit: Stephen Witherden I’ve never been partial to singing in the bath or shower, but I LOVE to sing whilst driving the car. I’m sure it drives the kids bananas most of the time. Though they have come around to my way of thinking and even the 2 year old shouts for “Together Mammy” [...]

James Nicholson Wine Merchant Online

I bought a selection of wines recently from James Nicholson Wines Online as I was bored with the usual selection in my local off licences and supermarkets. I was interested in particular in some Californian, Chilean or New Zealand Pinot Noirs and also some New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. I was pleasantly surprised by the range [...]

I love Lego

  Oscar bought this lego pack for himself last weekend. He recently got back into playing and building with lego and so after much of his imploring we headed into the Art and Hobby shop in Douglas Court shopping centre last Saturday. He’d saved €30 odd euro. This set immediately caught his eye and was reduced [...]


I love the way 4 year old Sibéal draws people. I think its the Princess Leia hairstyles that strike a chord.  

Review of 42 All-Time Classics for Nintendo DS

  I bought this Nintendo game a few days ago. I had been interested to see if I could get a Bridge game for the DS and alas this is the one game I’m not too enamoured with. I had to abandon playing it as it was way too simplified in bidding and play conventions [...]

Review of Great British Menu – Welsh Week

I confess I had been disappointed with the first regional final last week of this TV series. None of the dishes greatly appealed to me and some in fact did the opposite. But this week its the turn of Angela Hartnett and Stephen Terry to compete in the four course cook-off to see who’ll go through at the end [...]

Missing in Action

photo credit: clared23 While I’m on about the Nintendo DS can Nintendo please please add as feature on the next DS release, some sort of homing device, beeper, flashing light or such like? We are now missing the 6 year old’s DS for over 3 months and yep, have searched the house high and low. [...]

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