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First Aid Course for Parents

Recently Sibéal, our carnivore aged 5, was chomping on some steak as is her wont, when she started going very red in the face and making a godawful noise. She was choking and we needed to do something asap. Its been 10 years since I did a first aid course,  shortly after Oscar was born, [...]

Moshi Monsters

This is the latest virtual world, aimed at kids where they have their own monster and can interact with the other monsters. The usual routine applies. Money or “Rox” are earned by playing games and the Rox can then be spent in buying accessories for the monster’s room etc. You look after your monster, naming [...]

Eat, drink and be merry

Hurrah, some good news for the usually miserably rainy month of November. The Good Wine Show is coming to the Clarion hotel in Cork. My top 3 independent wine sellers (no favouritism here, I’ll tell ya) in Cork have united to bring us, what looks to be,  a fabulous couple of days. Over 100 different [...]

Back to school

Sand castles galore

I purchased this sand and water table in smyths toystore at the beginning of the summer in an effort to entertain the younger kids in the back garden. Its been a big hit with them since, throughout the summer and now into the autumn, whenever the rain abates. As can be seen, its a great [...]