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Review of Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service

Irish Rail Cork to Dublin Intercity Service Trains every hour and a speedy journey make this the most relaxing way to travel intercity. My three options for travelling from Cork to Dublin return are by car, by plane or by train. The car option is obviously the most flexible, I can suit myself but its [...]

Review of Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3

Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3 Not enough cooking, too many stupid stunts. Ramsay’s loud, brash bullying wearing thin. Just watched the third episode of this latest offering in the Hell’s Kitchen USA series and to be honest, I dont think I’ll bother watching the rest. I don’t really care who wins or loses. The series [...]

Review of Lancome’s Exfoliance Clarté

Lancome’s Exfoliance Clarté A facial gel that is very very mild so just my skin feeling tight rather than exfoliating. This is another casualty in my quest to find the perfect facial scrub/exfoliator. The Lancome blurb made it sound fabulous: “Formulated with white wax micro-beads, ultra-fine exfoliating grains and a cocktail of Pineapple and Papaya [...]

Review of Easy to use clothing website with quick delivery times to Ireland at cost of stg£7.95. I came across this website a week or so ago. I had been in the Coast section of Brown Thomas in Cork, looking for something a bit different and special to wear for the upcoming anniversay. I had seen a [...]

Review of Baking Emporium Cracker breads

Baking Emporium Cracker breads Delicious varieties of seed breads perfect for lunch or snacks. I recently bought 2 packets of these seed breads or crackerbreads in Dunnes in Bishopstown. Previously I had only seen them in the local health food shop and at the Bandon’s farmer market. They come in 6 different types. I ate the [...]

Review of Next by Michael Crichton

Next by Michael Crichton Grand, page turning thriller but way too many characters. I read this book at the weekend on the train from Cork to Dublin. Unfortunately these days, I can’t seem to find a stretch of time to sit and read and as result I’ve about 5 books half-read lying around the house, [...]

High School Musical 2

5 4 3 2 1 Oh the anticipation and excitement were palpable here this evening as the countdown took place to the much awaited premiere at 6pm of “High School Musical 2″. We’ve got the DVD, and listened to the CD till it was scratched, of the original High School Musical. “Get’cha head in the [...]

Review of SudaCare Nighttime Vapour Plug

SudaCare Nighttime Vapour Plug Easy to use, plug into socket, solid mini vapouriser that releases vapours to soothe children’s colds. The baby is getting her next big front tooth and for some reason, whether coincidentally or not, she’s caught another cold and has a very snotty nose. As result, she’s finding getting to sleep a bit [...]

Review of Formative Fun Toy shop

Formative Fun Toy shop,40 Maylor Street, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland Brilliant toy shop that our children love, choc a block with fun games, toys and books. This is an excellent toy shop. It stocks a wide variety of developmental toys and games ranging in suitability for babies to much older children. For the babies there [...]

Review of Creativity for kids – Rain and Sun Umbrella craft kit

Creativity for kids – Rain and Sun Umbrella craft kit Blank white umbrella + fabric paints + permanent marker= fun arts and crafts hour for myself and 3 year old. A week or so ago when in Cork city centre with my two cailíní, we headed into a really good toy shop on Maylor Street. [...]

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