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Springwise & Aromicon: Websites I heart

One of my current favourite websites is Springwise. Its tagline of  “your daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas” says it all really. So many great ideas and great websites have been brought to my attention via Springwise. Its one of the highlights in my google reader. Get yourself subscribed.  It rocks! Its recommendation that caught my [...]

Watch those pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

A favourite saying of my mother’s which I believe she got off her father, my grandad Joe. photo credit: ArchiM What brought it to mind was a new website: FrugalIreland, recently launched by Deborah with contributions already from Maz. With tips on how to save money and ways to spend it more wisely and make [...]

Two Tits and a Vote

I haven’t been blogging much of late but this recently launched website is definitely worth a visit, if you haven’t seen it yet. Cork based Sabrina Dent has done a brilliant job giving a number of options for the voting public to make their feelings known to the government on the appalling lack of breast [...]

Review of Fabulous website for keeping you up to date with what’s happening in Irish politics. This is recently revamped website that basically aggregates what’s being mentioned on the Irish blogosphere on any irish TD. It’s very user friendly and you can select your local TD to see what’s being written about him/her and keep up [...]

Review of Really easy to use genealogy website which uses handy graphics to aid clarity. I just found this website last night, logged on and started inputting various details about my immediate and extended family. Its really easy to use, and you can email and invite other relations to join in to fill in the gaps [...]