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Media Monster Mayhem

My kids are loving this at the moment. You build your media monster by selecting four different recording media. You are then given a choice of monster composed of different arrangements of these parts. You name your monster and you can then enter it in the championship and can challenge other monsters to duels. Its [...]

Fantastic Fish

Sibéal received this fabulous Sticky Mosaics kit from Auntie Emer this Christmas and she thoroughly enjoyed completing it. Previously I had purchased smaller one picture versions but this kit contains 5 different, more complex designs to complete. As before you start with the design laid out on cardboard with each rectangle numbers and then sheets [...]

Bridge on the go

As previously mentioned, once in a while, I like to play Bridge. These days, however, time to go to the bridge club is elusive. So I had been looking for a version of bridge for the Nintendo DS. Alas none of card games on the DS had come up to scratch, they were all very [...]

Knickerbocker fun

Just back from another loud, fun, busy weekend with my inlaws in Rosslare. All had a brilliant time and thankfully the weather was great so plenty of running around outside and fabulous walks on the beach were had. Over the weekend, the younger kids had loads of fun playing this game. Its extremely straightforward and [...]

I did it Mum

Since Sibeal inherited her brother’s repackaged, that is, case changed to a pink one, Nintendo DS, we have been on the lookout for a game that would suit her. As she can’t read yet, many of the console games out just didn’t work for her. I bought the Imagine Fashion Designer initially, as she loves [...]

Review of 42 All-Time Classics for Nintendo DS

  I bought this Nintendo game a few days ago. I had been interested to see if I could get a Bridge game for the DS and alas this is the one game I’m not too enamoured with. I had to abandon playing it as it was way too simplified in bidding and play conventions [...]

Bridge for Nintendo DS

photo credit: unoguy I’m off to bridge tonight for the first time in ages and am looking forward to it. My mother taught me years ago when she played in Wicklow and I was in my early teens. I guess she wanted someone to practise with at home. Just the basics: how to count your [...]