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Review of Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House “Massive Barbie dollhouse that our 4 year old loves.“   Our daughter has wanted a dollhouse for ages now, since playing with her cousin Simone’s when visiting, so we decided to splash out for her recent 4th birthday. Yep, its huge. She was gobsmacked when it was taken out of the box. [...]

Review of Silicone bakeware

Silicone bakeware “Easy to clean and use, non stick, makes baking banana bread so much easier than using standard metal loaf tin.“   I bought a silicone loaf pan on impulse about a year ago in Dunnes Stores. It cost €6 and it looks similiar to this one: I have found it excellent. Really easy [...]

Review of Pin Toys Wooden Kitchen Combo

Pin Toys Wooden Kitchen Combo “Expensive, lovely to look at, basic wooden toy kitchen. “   Santa brought this last year for our then 3 year old daughter. Its a lovely wooden made kitchen and is still going strong, despite having been redecorated in blue biro scribbles by the 2 year old. Its very well [...]

Review of Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure TV series

Oz and James’ Big Wine Adventure TV series “Informative and highly entertaining TV series about Californian wine. Excellent.“   I’ve just finished watching another episode of this great series. It follows on from last year’s foray into France for Oz and James. James, being a wine novice and usual presenter of BBC’s Top Gear and [...]

Review of Baby Walker with alphabet bricks

Baby Walker with alphabet bricks “Still going strong after a year’s play and abuse, an excellent wooden walker toy for your toddler.“   Fionn got this off Santa last year as he was approximately 18 months old and loved pushing things around. He was big into his older sister’s doll buggies so Santa decided he [...]

My Girls

Recently the baby has had her first birthday and Sibéal has just turned 4. The year has flown, but paradoxically, it’s hard now to imagine life before Síofra. Even at 1, she definitely has her own inimitable personality. She’s a charmer. Her big wide toothy lopesided grin is flashed to get her own way, and [...]

Review of Snuggletots Cosytoes

Snuggletots Cosytoes “As winter approaches, these cosytoes are a convenient way to keep your baby/toddler toasty when they’re in the buggy.“   Photo taken from the snuggletots website:  I purchased one of these fleecy cosytoes well over 2 years now. As 3 of my children are winter babies, and I didn’t want to be housebound all [...]

Review of Great range of adult and children’s waterproof clothing available online. Easy to order and efficient delivery. This is an excellent website if you’ve kids who love jumping in puddles, playing in mud or heading to the beach in the autumn or winter. I purchased a couple of sets of the waterproof dungarees for my [...]

Review of George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

George’s Secret Key to the Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking Great fiction for preteen children with even the vaguest interest in the universe, planets and stars. This kid’s book is a great mix of fiction and scientific fact. Its the  highly entertaining story of George, whose parents abhor any modern conveniences including electricity or computers. Then [...]

Review of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Ramsay at his best, entertaining and interesting reality TV as he tries to help failing and struggling restaurants. Forget “Hell’s Kitchen USA” and the “F word”, this is the only series in which to watch Gordon Ramsay. You can see why he has become such a successful chef and restaurant owner. His passion [...]

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