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My Girls

Posted on | November 19, 2007 | No Comments

Recently the baby has had her first birthday and Sibéal has just turned 4.

The year has flown, but paradoxically, it’s hard now to imagine life before Síofra.
Even at 1, she definitely has her own inimitable personality.

She’s a charmer. Her big wide toothy lopesided grin is flashed to get her own way, and she really likes getting her own way.
Like the rest of our children, she tends to be quite stubborn and its difficult to coherce her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. She’s still crawling and cruising around, she hasn’t bothered doing any independent walking as yet but manages to keep up with the other 4. She loves being in the centre of the mayhem and messing with the others. Her only words to date are “Dad”, “that” and “shhh”.

Sibéal is quieter. Her kindness takes me aback at times as I don’t expect it from someone so young. She is always the first to share. She is very articulate and uses her hands expressively. Having 2 older and one younger brother, she can be a bit of a tomboy. But then also wants to be a ballerina and play with her dollhouse. She is an excellent big sister who loves having “girls only” days out with her baby sister and me.

Both look nothing like me. They are so beautiful with their big blue eyes and blond hair.

Happy birthdays to my darling cailiní.

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