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Travel around the US in a black cab with Stephen Fry?

Unfortunately I missed the first episode of this new series but caught the second one and I’m loving it. Its premise that Stephen travels by London black cab through 50 states may seem basic but it captures so well an “off the tourist trail” America. His fondess for the country and the people is apparent [...]

Fun and Thrifty

The price of greeting cards annoys me, especially when I see them ripped open and dumped at most kids’ parties. SibĂ©al is going to her friend’s party at the weekend and she loves arts and crafts so I was delighted to spot this kit today in Marks and Spencer. Coolo. It contains: 10 fairly plain [...]

Bento Box in Dublin

Last Saturday just before the excitement of the Irish Web Awards commenced, we decided to head to Yamamori to grab a quick bite to eat. When we arrived around 5ish the place was hopping, a good sign. We were seated without delay. To keep things quick and easy, we both ordered a bento box. Some [...]

Looking for love?

Dawn Porter is, to my mind, the female version of Louis Theroux. They both have the gift of being able to get people to open up to them and to reveal more than you’d usually see in a run of the mill documentary. I have been a fan of Louis’ interviews and documentaries for years [...]