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Fun and Thrifty

Posted on | October 17, 2008 | 1 Comment

The price of greeting cards annoys me, especially when I see them ripped open and dumped at most kids’ parties. Sibéal is going to her friend’s party at the weekend and she loves arts and crafts so I was delighted to spot this kit today in Marks and Spencer.

Coolo. It contains: 10 fairly plain greeting cards, 10 envelopes, a sheet of stickers, some cut out shapes, sequins, a glue pen, sticky pads and some ribbon.

So you can embellish and customise the plain greeting cards whichever way you like. Sibéal loved it! It was really easy to use. In particular the sticky pads and glue pen ensured she could add the shapes and sequins without getting glue everywhere and ruining the card.

We are now sending the bling-est card to her pal. 100% Sibéal’s own work. Never was so much sparkle and so many stickers seen on a birthday card.

The other great news about this kit is that it cost €7.75 which is approx 78c per card compared with €2 or more for an ordinary shop bought one. Great value.

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