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Dig It!

A new archaeology adventure show is coming to RTE’s The Den. Aimed at teams of three from 5th and 6th class aged between 9 and 13 years old, it focuses on local and national history and archaeological discoveries with the ultimate prize of  a unique school trip for the winners’  entire class. To begin, you [...]

Mountain seeks science teams

Via David Maybury: Looks like RTE are recruiting teams of three kids aged 10 to 12 years old to compete in a new science show, The Mountain, which involves team work, strategy, science and action. Do you have the brains, brawn, stamina and strength to reach the summit and conquer The Mountain? Are you into [...]

Outstanding Organ Donation Documentary

This is by far the best television documentary series that I’ve seen in ages. It follows 14 different people from the 600 or so who are awaiting organ transplants in Ireland. In the first episode a lady awaiting and eventually receiving a heart transplant, a spouse to spouse kidney transplant, a young man awaiting his [...]

In awe with a touch of vertigo

If I had my UCD days again, I’d probably opt for Architecture or Civil Engineering as my course of choice in preference to Mechanical Engineering. I’ve always loved the clarity and logic of maths and physics but I am also fascinated with the design, vision and practical know how of people who responsible for erecting [...]


I am pretty ignorant when it comes to the workings of the stock market and trading in shares. I never did any commerce/business subjects whilst at school which is a decision I regret. This series started last week on BBC2. 8 novices have been given a fortnight’s training and then let loose on the stock [...]

Travel around the US in a black cab with Stephen Fry?

Unfortunately I missed the first episode of this new series but caught the second one and I’m loving it. Its premise that Stephen travels by London black cab through 50 states may seem basic but it captures so well an “off the tourist trail” America. His fondess for the country and the people is apparent [...]

Looking for love?

Dawn Porter is, to my mind, the female version of Louis Theroux. They both have the gift of being able to get people to open up to them and to reveal more than you’d usually see in a run of the mill documentary. I have been a fan of Louis’ interviews and documentaries for years [...]

Masterchef Finale

This is the Masterchef I want to see. Forget the amateurs and the celebrities, I don’t want to see mediocre cheffing, I want to see professionals who have passion for food, talent for cooking and can inspire me. This short series came to a close last night with Derek from Scotland the deserved winner. From [...]

Off with her head

Politics, religion, conflict, attraction, sex: whats not to like about this tv series which is now in its second season? I watched a repeated BBC series on Henry VIII and his wives a couple of decades or more ago with my Dad and I was hooked. It was a fascinating time in history and yep, [...]

Nature or Nurture

Was Vanessa Mae born a violin prodigy or did she become one through blood, sweat, tears and hours upon hours of practice? By all accounts, it appears that her mother was a major force in driving her success. From the age of 4 when Vanessa began learning to play the violin, her mother urged her [...]

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