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Oh what a night

Just getting back on track after a brilliant Saturday night in Galway. Early morning we left the brood in the well experienced and capable hands of Granny and high tailed it to the city of the tribes in hot pursuit of the #geekmobile. First up was the Ladies Tea Party in the Linda Evangelista suite [...]

LEGO iPhone dock

Spotted in Make, I want one of these. Created by Chris Harrison and titled “The Empire experiments with a new iPhone powered AT walker”. What’s not to like?

Shocked and stunned

Yesterday, I dropped my battered, old Zafira into the garage to have the brake pads and coolant system checked as had been getting the ominous scrapping sound on braking and a flashing warning coolant light on the dashboard. photo credit: cosmic_spanner When I collected the car a few hours later to pony up the dosh [...]

Happy Birthday

Today is my mam’s birthday. I love this photo of her. Taken 35 odd years ago, when I guess I was nearly 6 and she was almost 28. I am the eldest of 7 kids and there’s only 10 years between myself and my youngest brother. Needless to say, it was always loud and busy [...]

One for the Girl Geeks

via Make Magazine: This jewellery made me smile this afternoon. Nicholas and Felice design and produce these interesting geeky and nerdy pieces using sterling silver, dies, a 20 ton hydraulic press and a CNC mill. It brought me back to 20 odd years ago. To doing a project on CNC machining on a Kitamura in [...]

Brilliant Boostapak

I love great design that solves a problem. This Boostapak, made by the same people who brought us Trunki, seems to tick both these boxes. As a parent of 5 kids that has travelled by air abroad on holidays, I have had to deal with the expense and hassle on arrival of hiring extra booster [...]

Keep on running

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from my cousin Sinéad wondering whether I would be interested in running the Flora women’s mini marathon with her and a group of cousins and pals as part of the 1 in 1000 campaign for cystic fibrosis. Its a great cause and just the incentive I [...]

We Come In Pieces

As Oisín and Sibéal have quite a few friends with upcoming birthdays, I was stocking up on birthday cards in Marks and Spencers when I spotted this one the other day. Being a major Lego fan, Oisín loves it, particularly the line “We Come In Pieces”. He wants to send it to all his pals. [...]

Wanna be Hannah Montana?

Sibéal who is 6 years old is a huge Hannah Montana fan so she was over the moon when Santy brought her Hannah’s Stage show guitar, mic and amplifier for Christmas. This 31in guitar has 6 real steel guitar strings and comes complete with a powerful stage amplifier, a sing along microphone, a hands free [...]

Mountain seeks science teams

Via David Maybury: Looks like RTE are recruiting teams of three kids aged 10 to 12 years old to compete in a new science show, The Mountain, which involves team work, strategy, science and action. Do you have the brains, brawn, stamina and strength to reach the summit and conquer The Mountain? Are you into [...]

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