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LEGO iPhone dock

Spotted in Make, I want one of these. Created by Chris Harrison and titled “The Empire experiments with a new iPhone powered AT walker”. What’s not to like?

We Come In Pieces

As Oisín and Sibéal have quite a few friends with upcoming birthdays, I was stocking up on birthday cards in Marks and Spencers when I spotted this one the other day. Being a major Lego fan, Oisín loves it, particularly the line “We Come In Pieces”. He wants to send it to all his pals. [...]

Love it, love it, love it

via @conoro: Lego Mindstorms NXT, Nokia N95 mobile phone and a 4x4x4 Rubik’s cube to solve. Brilliant. How cool a project would something similar to this have been in school or college?

Castles, trolls and knights

This is the latest addition to the LEGO collection in this house.  Oisín, aged 7 years old,  recieved it on Saturday and wasted no time in starting its assembly with his pals.  It was finally completed yesterday evening but he needed some guidance from me to finish it as some of the construction wasn’t as [...]

Order in the house

As previously mentioned our kids love LEGO and therefore bits of it are everywhere throughout the house.  I had just used an ordinary plastic bin to store it all in and this was continually upended in order to find the “exact correct necessary” LEGO block when creating the latest masterpiece. My back isn’t what it [...]

Lego, lego everywhere

Santy brought Oscar LEGO Agents Mission 6 for Christmas. He  really enjoyed it whilst he was constructing it. It was fairly intricate, plenty of separate vehicles, hidden compartments, moving parts and a few gadgets to keep him happy. It only took him a couple of days to complete though, which is my complaint with the [...]

Indiana Jones and Lego – a match made in heaven?

One of the presents that Oscar received for his recent 9th birthday was the Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb LEGO set. Thanks to Auntie Emer, this was perfect as it combined his love of LEGO and the hype of the moment that is Indiana Jones. I love LEGO Indy. As soon as the after [...]

I love Lego

  Oscar bought this lego pack for himself last weekend. He recently got back into playing and building with lego and so after much of his imploring we headed into the Art and Hobby shop in Douglas Court shopping centre last Saturday. He’d saved €30 odd euro. This set immediately caught his eye and was reduced [...]