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Two Tits and a Vote

I haven’t been blogging much of late but this recently launched website is definitely worth a visit, if you haven’t seen it yet. Cork based Sabrina Dent has done a brilliant job giving a number of options for the voting public to make their feelings known to the government on the appalling lack of breast [...]

Review of RollyToys Claas Tractor with trailer and loader

RollyToys Claas Tractor with trailer and loader “Big and beautiful, the tractor with trailer and loader that the 2 year old loves. “   Santy brought this for the 2 year old a few weeks ago. So far so good. It was a bit of a pain to put together on Christmas morning, a smidge [...]

Review of Desperate Housewives, Series 4

Desperate Housewives, Series 4 “Entertaining so far with new character who previously lived on Wisteria Lane and has a secret.“   Just two episodes in of the new season of Desperate Housewives on RTE2 and I’m enjoying it again. I felt the last series meandered a smidge towards the end and lost its momentum but [...]


Yep, another New Year’s Resolution, to get my lardy arse once more running. Its been a while, but so far so good: baby steps, baby steps. Have started on the treadmill again which was probably one of the best purchases I ever made. Yep, it was expensive but it avoids me heading out on my [...]

Review of “Irish children’s clothing online store that combines great service, funky clothes and toys for childer.“ I used this webiste in the run up to Christmas primarily to buy shoes for the baby, who’s just toddling around and not ready for “real” shoes yet. Firstly, I think this is a lovely looking website. They have [...]

Hailstones and games

Its lashing hailstones here today so not much hope of the kids getting out and about. So the 8 and 4 year old settled down to their first game of Monopoly, which the 4 year old won hands down. Her strategy of only buying “girl coloured streets” worked a treat! Meanwhile the 2 year old [...]

Review of Do Re Mi Dolphins by Tomy

Do Re Mi Dolphins by Tomy “These are still a very popular bathtime toy in our house after 7 years! “   I purchased these over 7 years ago when our firstborn son was just over a year old. Every bathtime that the younger kids have the dolphins get thrown into the bath too. They love [...]

Review of Ballerina in a box by Danskin

Ballerina in a box by Danskin “The best Christmas pressie evah for our budding ballerina! “   This present was the highlight of the Christmas for our 4 year old daughter, who insisted on wearing it all Christmas day and then again and again as soon as it was cleaned. The “Ballerina in a box” consists [...]