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Quality not quantity

A couple or so weeks ago, I was delighted to be invited by Kate in Fleishman-Hillard to visit the Pampers Innovation Centre in Schwalbach, Germany. The visit piqued the interest of both the mammy and engineer in me. I love seeing innovation and how things are made. As a mammy to 5 darlings I’ve definitely [...]

Double Trouble

Via Springwise, this twin baby clothing website, Tot-a-Lot, got me all broody this morning. Designed for babies and toddlers, these clothes are very cute.  Normally I’m not a fan of dressing children identically, although my daughters sometimes ask to have the same outfits despite being 3 years apart in age. These clothes are to be [...]

Review of Snuggletots Cosytoes

Snuggletots Cosytoes “As winter approaches, these cosytoes are a convenient way to keep your baby/toddler toasty when they’re in the buggy.“   Photo taken from the snuggletots website:  I purchased one of these fleecy cosytoes well over 2 years now. As 3 of my children are winter babies, and I didn’t want to be housebound all [...]

Review of Plum babyfood

Plum babyfood Handy tubs of organic, preservative free baby food with not just the usual carrot/potato/pear main ingredients. The baby really loves the spinach, parsnip and basil variety of this babyfood. It smells like pesto and she wolfs it down. I spotted these a few months ago in the local SuperValu. The packaging can misdirect [...]

Review of Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes Off putting fragrance and thicker wipes make these my least favourite brand of babywipes. With 2 children in nappies and 3 others very messy, we buy and use many packets of baby wipes every week. I have found most brands to be fairly similar in texture, cleaning ability and price: [...]

Review of Grobag Socksuits

Grobag Socksuits A fabulous “now why didn’t I think of that?” sleepsuit for crawlers and toddlers. The baby is now on the move and also growing at a fast rate. So a few weeks ago I needed to buy her new sleepsuits/babygros for nighttime as she’d grown out of the old ones. I spotted these [...]

My baby has gotten her first tooth

Last week was brutal, the baby was sick for the first time. She had a cold, nothing too major and yet it had a huge impact on her world. Cold virus = runny/stuffed nose = can’t drink bottle or swallow properly = hungry but vomiting and coughing = not alot of sleep = red, sore eyes. [...]

Review of Grobags

Grobags Super sleepwear for babies from 7lbs till they’re 3+ years old. I first bought one of these grobags for our eldest son 8 years ago. Since then they have been used for all the kids. I have found them excellent. They are basically a sleeping bag that your child wears in bed. They are attached [...]

Awesome Arrival of new cousin Abigail

Abigail aka Abi finally arrived on the 14th of June. Huge congrats to Kieran and Louise and to big sista Chloe.