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My baby has gotten her first tooth

Posted on | July 17, 2007 | No Comments

baby's toothLast week was brutal, the baby was sick for the first time. She had a cold, nothing too major and yet it had a huge impact on her world. Cold virus = runny/stuffed nose = can’t drink bottle or swallow properly = hungry but vomiting and coughing = not alot of sleep = red, sore eyes. The poor baby was miserable and so I didn’t get much sleep either. It reminded me of the first few weeks of any baby’s life, when the most you hope for is a couple of hours shut eye in a row.

And yet, as she is almost 8 months old, I’m getting very clucky again. I know we have 5 children already, I know I really do not like being pregnant, I know I dislike the discomfort of my pelvis going mental with SPD and not being able to walk much,  I know I hate the lack of energy of pregnancy and all the rest, but yep, I’d love another baby.

My head is saying “no, are you mad?”, my heart is saying “just one more”.

It’s not really much of a quandry though, as the other half had a vasectomy 7 months or so ago. Decision made.

Is it just my hormones? Will this longing subside? Even if we could, would it be “just one more”? Or would I be saying the same thing once he/she was a few months old?

Yes, I do know that I am so lucky to have 5 wonderful kids and should just be happy with that and put my energy, love into their wellbeing, care and development. Will this feeling just go away if I ignore it or do some women always want more children? 

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