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Virginian Jailbreak

Sunday May 1st at 10am saw myself, 3 of my siblings and other pals running through a forest in Virginia, Co. Cavan. Why? I hear you ask. Well, it was the first Jailbreak 10km trail run. We were going to be up and about early anyway as our Dad’s anniversary mass was taking place at 8am so [...]

Review of Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre

Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre, 9 Corlurgan Business Park, Ballinagh Road, Cavan, Ireland As we were in Cavan visiting Granny for the past few days, we decided to take the opportunity on one of the rainy days to visit Cavan’s latest indoor children’s activity centre. I headed with the 3 middle children as eldest was [...]

Review of Cavan Town Playground

Cavan Town Playground,Cathedral Road, Cavan, Ireland Excellent, safe playground for older children but slightly less so for toddlers. This is the local playground when we stay with Granny and the kids have gotten great mileage out of it over the past few years. It’s relatively new, approximately 4 or 5 years old as far as [...]

Review of Le Rendez Vous

Le Rendez Vous,26 Main Street, Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland Disappointing food that didn’t live up to menu described expectations. As it was the last night of current visit to Cavan, Mam and myself decided to go out for a bite to eat, as sisters Lou and Claire held the fort and looked after the childer.Mam had [...]

Review of Co Cavan Swimming and Leisure Centre

Co Cavan Swimming and Leisure Centre, Drumalee, Cavan, Ireland Good, large swimming pool with plenty of room for children to splash around. As we’re up visiting Granny at the moment, myself and the eldest 4 headed to the local swimming pool yesterday. This is a 25m “L” shaped pool, basically the small part of the L [...]