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Podcasts and girls’ road trip

On Saturday Sibéal and I headed to Dublin for a flying visit. The purpose of our trip was to meet baby Aoife, who’s less than a fortnight old and sooooo cute. Congrats again to Teresa and Craig and big bro Kieran. Though the car journey from Bandon to Dublin is now hugely improved and much [...]

Irish Blog Awards 2009

I love this time of year. Its when I get to discover and have a gawk at a huge selection of new to me Irish blogs. Get thee over to the list of nominated blogs on the Irish blog awards site for a gander. Am especially enjoying perusing the best food/drink blog, great variety. Am [...]


I am pretty ignorant when it comes to the workings of the stock market and trading in shares. I never did any commerce/business subjects whilst at school which is a decision I regret. This series started last week on BBC2. 8 novices have been given a fortnight’s training and then let loose on the stock [...]

Lego, lego everywhere

Santy brought Oscar LEGO Agents Mission 6 for Christmas. He  really enjoyed it whilst he was constructing it. It was fairly intricate, plenty of separate vehicles, hidden compartments, moving parts and a few gadgets to keep him happy. It only took him a couple of days to complete though, which is my complaint with the [...]

David Walliams – The Boy in the Dress

I’m writing this review on behalf of Oscar, our 9 yr old son. He recieved this book as a Christmas pressie from his Auntie Fiona and he loved it. Its the first book in a good while that he has raced to finish, there are many about that have been started and discarded as they [...]