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My Favourite Wife by Tony Parsons

Having read and enjoyed “Man and Boy” and “One for my baby”, I was looking forward to reading this latest novel from Tony Parsons. Alas it was a major disappointment. Having just finished it, I am left with a sense of frustration and annoyance. The main character Bill, a hotshot lawyer begins the novel moving [...]

Review of Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre

Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre, 9 Corlurgan Business Park, Ballinagh Road, Cavan, Ireland As we were in Cavan visiting Granny for the past few days, we decided to take the opportunity on one of the rainy days to visit Cavan’s latest indoor children’s activity centre. I headed with the 3 middle children as eldest was [...]

Birthday Celebrations

This time 10 years ago, we were married for 6 months or so and it was fast approaching Conor’s 30th birthday. At the time, I was working for TEAM Aer Lingus doing my aircraft engineer thang and had what must be one of the best work perks evah: flight concessions. Zonal tickets were the business. [...]

Review of Jo Malone’s Gift Set

Jo Malone’s Gift Set My fabulous sister surprised me with a Jo Malone gift set for Christmas and its so gorgeous. Packaged in cream box tied with a black ribbon, it contained a bottle of the White Jasmine and mint cologne and some orange blossom bath oil. I’ve always preferred light, fresh, green, floral perfumes rather than [...]

Review of Damages Series 1

Damages Series 1 Have recently started watching this legal thriller series which is showing on Monday nights on BBC1. Have been well impressed so far. It began with a bloodstained woman running panicked out of an apartment building and then returns to 6 months previous to this, where we meet the same woman beginning her career [...]

Review of In the Woods by Tana French

In the Woods by Tana French My mother in law lent me this book a few weeks ago and it was a good read up to a point. My main gripe is its very disappointing ending which then tarred the whole novel as I wondered “why the hell did I bother reading that?” Its set [...]

Blog Awards

Just getting back to normal here after last weekend’s trip to Dubelin to the Blog awards. The childer were dropped off at fab brother’s gaff and we high tailed it sans enfants to the city centre’s Alexander hotel. It was a great evening and night. Managed to bump into and chat to so many people [...]