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Review of Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3

Posted on | September 28, 2007 | No Comments

Hell’s Kitchen USA Series 3

Not enough cooking, too many stupid stunts. Ramsay’s loud, brash bullying wearing thin.

Just watched the third episode of this latest offering in the Hell’s Kitchen USA series and to be honest, I dont think I’ll bother watching the rest. I don’t really care who wins or loses.

The series is focussed on stupid stunts such as getting the contestants out in their pjs to catch fish thrown from the back of a truck. What the hell has that got to do with running a restaurant?

Ramsay has become a caricature, too loud, brash, bullying. It’s become predictable and boring. Very little focus so far on actual cooking. It doesn’t compare favourably at all to the Hell’s Kitchen Celebrity UK series that has recently finished. Marco Pierre White has a completely different style in the kitchen, tending more to praise and encourage those working for him, rather than berating and belittling them constantly.  I felt it worked better. In addition the demonstration ”masterclass” of specific dishes was interesting and informative. Who could have known Worchestershire sauce was so versatile??

 Similarly Hell’s Kitchen USA compares unfavourably with Top Chef. In that series, contestants from a chef or catering background are again competing to become the top chef and win their own restaurant. However, the focus is much more on the food and cooking and it is, in my opinion, a much more entertaining and interesting program as result.

Hell’s Kitchen USA is overhyped and is trying too hard to sensationalise a series that in reality isn’t very interesting or exciting. It’s a pity but I for one, won’t be watching any longer.


Rated 1/5 on Sep 28 2007 by ManicMammy
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