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Posted on | November 25, 2009 | No Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted this make your own dream catcher kit on Amazon for a mere fiver and as Sibéal loves all things art and crafty, I purchased it.The contents of the kit are shown below. Additional  page of instructions and diagrams was also enclosed.

The age guidelines on this craft kit was for 5 years and older. Whilst the instructions were clear enough and it was a good idea to have both written and graphical versions, I disagree on the age indicator. It was very awkward and fiddly to construct. So much so, that I ended up doing my best to do most of it whilst Sibéal, aged 6 supervised and she is usually brilliant and very enthusiatic about any arts and crafts.

In the end we gave up on trying to get the feathers to stay on it and our finished product is shown below. This was taken before the solitary feather fell off.

Wouldn’t bother purchasing this kit, though cheap, it wasn’t cheerful. ;-(

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