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Review of Sticky Mosaics kit – Sunflower

Posted on | February 28, 2008 | 1 Comment

Cheap and cheerful felt stick-on DIY picture kit which kids enjoyed


Was in Formative fun shop earlier today in Cork and spotted this small sticky mosaic kit. Thought it’d suit the 4 year old down to the ground, arts and crafts the easy way for the artisticly challenged mother.

Its very simple containing a 8″ by 5.25″ cardboard which has the sunflower design marked out by numbered tiny squares. There are then 12 small coloured cards which hold the sticky felt small squares. The child then follows the pattern by selecting the correct number/colour from the felt and applying it to the sunflower drawing. Little by little with the addition of the felt squares the picture builds up. Very straightforward to use, the 4 year old ”got it” immediately and was happy to take her time applying the squares in the correct places.

It cost €6.99 and kids are already asking me to buy bigger versions of this kit. From the website, it appears there is a large choice of designs. Coolo, will definitely be getting more of them.


Rated 4/5 on Feb 28 2008
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